However, keep in mind that Crew elections are coming up on Sunday, October 2nd (this is a change from the date discussed in our last meeting). Since the Crew now features four primary program areas, you will be electing a Vice President that will represent the unique elements in each program area. There are no seniority requirements for an elected position – but you will be expected to have demonstrated an interest and willingness to engage in the position. New members are eligible to run for office and vote in this election.

I will need to hear from you in advance regarding any interest you personally have in an elected position. If you wish to nominate someone else for a position, I would also like to know that in advance. This approach will give me a better opportunity to review with you the expectations of each position and make sure you are running for the best position for you. Send me a note, call or text me with your interest. If I do not receive sufficient responses, I will personally nominate candidates, so get out ahead of that and sign up early.

The positions that will be elected are as follows:

President: This position provides overall leadership to the Crew, conducts meetings and represents the Crew at various community and Council functions. It’s important for this person to be knowledgeable and supportive of ALL of our programs, irrespective of personal interests. It’s likely that the Council will be taking a more active role in promoting Venturing in the coming year and therefore you may have a higher public profile than in recent years. VP-Shooting: This position represents the NRA/CSSC shooting programs – primarily rifle, trap and archery The person in this position should be interested in helping to organize creative shooting activities, educational and recruiting opportunities. Paintball activities are separate and led by persons elected in the Mt. Storm setting. This person should have personal shooting experience.

VP-Wilderness Medicine The Crew’s specialty in wilderness and sports medicine is the emphasis of this position. This person should be interested in first aid or medicine and will have a key role in maintaining our momentum in educating and certifying more members in first aid. It would be helpful for this person to have completed Wilderness First Aid training.

VP-High Adventure The Crew was founded on High Adventure and this remains our core competency. This position will include the responsibilities of the Quartermaster (gear) and will help in planning and executing high adventures. Ideally, this person will plan on participating in the Crew’s Super High Adventure.

VP-Communications The Crew’s newest activity with radio communications is the focus of this position. This person should be licensed already or be willing to get licensed and should be willing to help with the growth of the radio club and the many service opportunities available to us.

Secretary/Treasurer We combine these two positions into one so as to have a meaningful job. Most of your responsibilities will involve managing our finances and attendance records. Additional responsibilities might include Crew communication issues and resources.

COPE Challenge

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Next Year’s High Adventure

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Wilderness First Aid Campout

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